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Water Conservation

  • SCWA Watering Restrictions are Relaxing ​

  • Due to the successful conservation efforts by our customers, and the projected water supply outlook for northern California, SCWA’s updated water conservation percentage has been reduced to 24%.  Based on this conservation percentage, our water restrictions have been lowered from Stage 3 to Stage 2, and the new irrigation schedule​ is increased to two days per week.

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    House calls only take two hours and are available to all Water Agency customers including residential and business. Call Water Wise Consulting, Inc. at 866-685-2322 Monday-Saturday from 8 – 5 p.m. to schedule a FREE Water Wise House or Business Call. Get a FREE appointment with a professional Water Use Technician to iden­tify areas where your home could become more water efficient -- inside and out! This service includes:

    • Checking indoor plumbing fixtures

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    • Helping with irrigation controller programming

    • Inspecting for water leaks

    • Sending a report and custom watering schedule for your property

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Training Opportunities​

  • Be Water Smart Water SchoolAre you interested in finding out more information on how you can save water during the drought and beyond? Or, did you receive a fine for violating your water provider’s water conservation guidelines?​
  • Be Water Smart: Landscape 101 Class​: Are you mystified by the box that controls your sprinkler system? Are your shrubs and trees looking dry even after you water them? Does cycle and soak remind you of the hour at the gym? We invite you to attend the Be Water Smart - Landscape 101 class.​​​

California is entering its fourth year of continued drought; the most critical drought on record. Never before has it been more important for Sacramento County Water Agency customers do all they can to conserve water. In response to the ongoing drought, the State Water Resources Control Board recently adopted Emergency Water Regulations that apply to all residents, businesses and water suppliers statewide.
On April 1, 2015 the Governor issued Executive Order B-29-15 mandating overall statewide water conservation of 25%. The Governor further directed the State Water Board to develop additional emergency regulations requiring specific Conservation Targets for each separate water district, ranging from 8% to 36%, to help achieve the mandated 25% overall Statewide Conservation. The water district specific conservation targets are scheduled to be adopted by the State Water Board on May 5, 2015. Water Districts will be monitored from June 2015 through February 2016 to assess the level of compliance achieved by each water district.