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Sacramento County Water Agency Urges Customers to Reduce Water Use by 20 Percent 

Sacramento, CA – The Sacramento region is experiencing its third consecutive dry winter. Although the Sacramento region as a whole is not facing an emergency situation, due to these ongoing dry conditions, the Sacramento County Water Agency is asking its customers to voluntarily reduce water use by 20 percent.

“Conserving water is important to assure a continued reliable supply of water to our customers and to everyone in the region.  The Sacramento County Water Agency routinely monitors precipitation forecasts and coordinates with other water providers in the region to prepare for dry periods like this. If dry conditions persist into the spring, more stringent conservation measures may become necessary,” says Michael Peterson, Director, Sacramento County Department of Water Resources. 

Landscape irrigation typically accounts for about 70 percent of total water use. During cooler winter months, landscapes need very little water, making this an easy time of year to conserve water. The winter is also a prime time to inspect, repair and replace indoor plumbing pipes and fixtures.   

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Water Conservation Radio Spots  

--Water Only When Necessary

Water Conservation Tips

The following are some water saving tips you can do to make water conservation a daily part of your routine for your home and/or business.

Residents: Indoor Tips

  • Update it: When you replace appliances choose water and energy efficient models. Watch your utility companies' websites for rebates toward the purchase of "efficient" products. 
  • Shut it off: Turn the tap water off when brushing your teeth. 

  • Update it! When you replace appliances choose water and energy efficient models. Watch the SCWA website for rebates opportunities toward the purchase of "efficient" products.

  • Fix it: Repair leaky spigots, sprinkler heads, hoses and dripping faucets. One leaky drip per second wastes 6,000 gallons of water per year!

More Ind​oor Water Saving Tips 


Residents: Outdoor Tips 

  • Equip it! Attach automatic shut-off nozzles to your hoses to keep water from flowing freely.

  • Check it! Check irrigation systems for leaks and repair as necessary.

  • Sweep it, don't wash it away: When cleaning up fallen leaves, dirt and debris, use a broom, rake or leaf blower on sidewalks, driveways and patios rather than a hose.

  • Recirculate it: Swimming pools, fountains and ponds should be equipped with recirculating pumps. There "water features" should also be checked annually for hidden leaks or other problems. Cover your pool to minimize evaporation. 

  • Sprinkle it wisely: Water only when needed and turn off automatic sprinklers!


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    For more information on water conservation, please visit the Regional Water Authority website.