Stormwater Quality Program

​School Programs

The Sacramento County Stormwater Quality Program has a variety of hands-on educational programs. Below are a few of the programs we offer to the community:

Educational Grants

The Stormwater Quality Program provides watershed grants to school projects that educate students about protecting and enhancing local creeks, rivers and watersheds.  Each recipient can receive up to $2,500 for school projects.  

Unfortunately, this year's grant program is now closed.  Please check back at a later time for upcoming grant programs.

​View examples of previous years' grant winners.



Sacramento Splash is a hands-on, science-based program for Sacramento County students. Splash provides curricula and assistance for students to explore the diversity of life in our local creeks, vernal pool, and lakes, in the classroom and in the field. By studying the organisms that inhabit our local aquatic ecosystems, students gain awareness of water quality and watershed issues. For more information, please call Splash 916-364-2437

Classroom presentations

Sacramento County Stormwater Quality Program works with the Sacramento Splash center to offer Splash in the Classroom presentations which is a fun and interactive way to teach students about stormwater pollution.  Students learn about pollutants that harm our waterways and how to play a role in protecting creeks and rivers.  For more information or to sign up for a presentation, please visit the Splash in the Class website or call (916) 364-2437

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