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​Small Communities

Flood Risk Reduction Program


A Grassroots Solution for the Delta

The Delta communities of Sacramento County are studying how to improve flood protection for our residents.

Decreasing Flood Risk

Using funds granted by the California Department of Water Resources Small Communities Flood Risk Reduction Program, we are conducting feasibility studies to develop potential solutions to reduce flood risk for the following communities:

Courtland | Hood | Locke | Walnut Grove - East | Walnut Grove - West / Ryde

For the feasibility studies and potential solutions to be successful and tailored to the needs of each community, we would like to hear from you. Please begin by using the form below to share your story.  Input regarding items such as those listed below is helpful:

  • Flood worries and concerns, including your knowledge of flood system inadequacies/failures
  • Important contributions you know are made by these communities
  • What you would like to see done to increase flood protection

Meeting announcements and stories will be posted right here on sacdelta/
Your input is needed to make this important planning For the Delta and By the Delta. 


Share Your Story

Do you live in the Delta community of Courtland, Hood, Locke, Walnut Grove (East), or Walnut Grove (West) / Ryde? Share your story as the flood risk reduction feasibility studies are conducted. What are your flood worries and concerns?  What is your personal experience in the Delta that demonstrates why these unique communities are important to protect? Share your story here.


A Bottom's Up Approach

Steering Committee (Under construction)Delta Voices Civic Engagement (Under construction)Story Map (Under construction)

Each community will have a committee working directly with the project professionals to develop flood risk reductions alternatives

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​Your stories give the Delta and Sacramento County a sense of community, environmental stewardship, and economic growth.

(Share Your Story)

The Steering Committee and project professionals will share their progress on the project the community and gather feedback.

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We are taking advantage of the latest technologies to share your stories and information about your community on a GIS platform.




East Walnut Grove

West Walnut Grove


Progress Report

Project Status (Under construction)