How Does Your Garden Grow?

Have You Tried Organically?

Garden organically or use alternatives to chemicals when possible. 


Not All Bugs Are Bad...

Team up with the "Good Guys" in the garden.  Ladybugs are not only cute, but they are also great sentries for our flowers and vegetable. .  Team up with Antlions.  They feast on ants, and lacewings have a voracious appetite for aphids.


Protect Our Waterways When Take Four-legged Friends Walking

Be part of the Scoop the Poop Program.

​Pet waste left on the ground can be carried by rain or irrigation water into our local creeks and rivers, contributing to pollution.


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Other Water Resources News

Be Storm Ready all year

Sacramento County Receives Upgraded FEMA Flood Designation

Flood Insurance...think about getting it now before the rain starts again.

Sandbag Information

Do you know which route to use if you need to evacuate?  Review the maps.

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