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Drought Status and Emergency Regulations

California is entering its fourth year of continued drought; the most critical drought on record.  In response to the ongoing drought, the State Water Resources Control Board adopted the following Emergency Water Regulations that apply to all residents, businesses and water suppliers statewide.

Emergency Water Conservation Regulations


Robla Creek Zone AH LOMR 14-09-2735A

FEMA has revised the Flood Insurance Rate Map for a reach of Robla Creek between Watt Avenue and Elkhorn Boulevard effective April 2, 2015. The Letter of Map Revision (LOMR)is available at the following link. The map revision removed many homes in this area from the AO Flood Zone, which potentially eliminates the requirement for flood insurance. If you have any questions or need further information please contact Mark Rains at (916) 874-8649 or


Letter of Map Amendments to Remove Houses From the Florin and Union House Creeks Floodplain

Letter of Map Amendments (LOMA) have been issued by FEMA that remove many of the homes from the floodplain that were affected by a revision to the flood Insurance Rate Maps along Florin and Union House creeks on May 12, 2014.The revised floodplain maps show residential areas with street and property flooding; however many of the homes in these areas are above the floodplain elevation.  Sacramento County surveyed the homes in the affected area and FEMA used the survey data to determine which homes are not in the special hazard floodplain.  The LOMAs remove homes from the floodplain, potentially eliminating the requirement for flood insurance and make lower-cost flood insurance policies available.   Please contact Michael Johnson at (916) 874-8646 or to determine if a LOMA has been issued for your home. 

River Friendly Inspiration Garden

                                           The Sacramento County's River Friendly Inspiration Demonstration Garden. showcases low-water-use and low maintenance plants. Walk on several no-mow turfs and pick drought friendly plants for your landscape.

 The garden is located in the Laguna Creek Watershed next to the Sacramento County Water Agency's Water Treatment Plant on Waterman Road between Rendham Way and Westray Drive, about 0.4 mile north of Calvine.

The garden is open 7am–7pm daily.