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  • Draft Stormwater Design Standards are available for viewing for Projects in the Sacramento County area. Will your project be affected? See New Standards for Development Projects for more information. 
  • You can apply for a Watershed Education Grant! Grants up to $2,500 are being offered to eligible schools who are interested in educating students about the importance of protecting and preserving local creeks and rivers.  For more details or to get started, click here.
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We must protect our stormwater quality in the Summer!
The average lawn produces 300-400 pounds of lawn clippings per year that can be used as a natural fertilizer. It's easy! Use your lawnmower's mulching blade, remove the lawnmower's clippings bag, and mow as usual.
USE MULCH TO PREVENT WEEDS NATURALLY Tired of pulling weeds? Using 2-4 inches of mulch or fallen leaves can help prevent weeds, can keep soil moist, and can reduce your need for synthetic fertilizer.

More than 90% of insects are bene

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What you can do to protect our Stormwater quality in the ...

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Call 875-RAIN to report illegal dumping, plugged storm drains, and other drainage problems.​​​​​​